What we do


Are you harboring Automotive fantasies, Wish you could have a potent muscle car from days gone by? Does the thought of driving a car with absolutely incredible acceleration and handling make you smile?

So what's stopping you, Same thing that stops most of us, money, responsibilities and also the inherent danger of it all. That's where we can help, We create Your dream car on a smaller scale With an eye to detail and incredible performance.  Before dismissing this as a "toy" consider this: this car is a 10th scale model  of its owners fully restored 69 Camaro , about 17 inches long, powered by an Nitro burning motor developing 2.3 HP at 35,000 rpm. The car weighs less than 7 pounds, and is capable of 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds. This lovely sports a handmade chassis built of CNC machined, anodized aluminum and Carbon Fiber Graphite. It has all wheel drive, a 2 speed automatic transmission and Disk Brakes. The sweet sound of the shift into second gear is incredible, if it does not make your heart race, you probably don't have a pulse.

Is it ungodly fast? Yes it is. Is it hard to drive? Not at all, at first the power and acceleration seem a little intimidating but this soon disappears and then the fun begins, beautiful controlled 4 wheel drifts are easily done with tires smoking and squealing just like the big boys. The car is remarkably stable and the cornering is nothing short of amazing, it enjoys a very low center of gravity as well as four wheel independent suspension which is totally adjustable as are the racing shocks which are made of hard anodized aluminum with Teflon pistons. If this looks like a custom, hand-crafted race car, that's because it is. We opted for this design for several reasons: Durability for one, the increased strength of hardened aluminum alloy and carbon fiber graphite surpasses virtually anything on the market at the "Hobbyist" level and the reduction in weight is a large factor in both the performance and handling of the vehicle.  This beauty also sports working headlights, taillights and brake lights and an onboard drift computer enabling picture perfect drifts which seems to impress the citizens as well as being one heck of a lot of fun. In short we can create just about anything automotive that will make your heart race and satisfy the need for speed, and we appreciate the need for bling, food for the eyes and soul. If radical custom paint is your desire we offer the services of several well known professionals, Given the eye popping style and off the hook wow factor the price is downright reasonable. we can provide beautiful custom paint in-house but for that extra "Wow" our guys can deliver paint jobs done to your specifications that will cause the jaw to drop. We all have one or more Outrageous personal rides with an extra body, not as pretty or detailed as our "show" bodies. I can say from experience that when your beautiful car is involved in it's first high speed mishap it is enough to reduce a grown man to tears a spare "beater" body wil solve this problem nicely. As a side benefit I have noticed I drive MUCH more aggressively (More speed = More fun) when not worrying about my custom paint.

What do we do, we have the best job in the world, WE MAKE MAGIC we make dreams come true we do the outrageous, the insane the sensuous all with style and excitement built in to your specifications. The goal is always to provide each client a one off piece of art unique because it is your desire executed for you, and yes we can teach you how to use and care for your car as well as offering repair assistance, We are full service,  Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your dream ride with you and give you an idea of the expense involved (It' s less than you think)